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With all those concerns about h1n1, a disease also called the swine flu, people are asking about this pandemic virus, but also about other diseases connected with animals. In fact, this disease has nothing to do with pigs. It is true, humans can catch h1n1 from swine, but the chance is just about the same as getting it from other animals. During the history of humankind, many diseases resembling with the swine flu ravaged the world. For example, the Mad Cow Disease and the avian virus were also pandemic diseases that worried the people from New York to the smallest African village.

 Why those diseases have a pandemic component

It is believed that some of those diseases are connected with the h1n1 virus. The swine flu was indeed a powerful virus, but the fuzz about it was not justified. Let’s see what the pandemic component of those diseases is.

The modern world is based on communication. As soon as a person catches an uncommon disease in an American small country town, and the condition is uncommon, because of the social networks and other methods allowing information to spread with the speed of light, everybody in the area will find out about this problem. In other times, the governments were able to isolate the respective areas, and even if some rumors would get away from the respective town, those rumors were easily infirmed by the authorities. Today, besides the fact that any rumor spreads instantly, and the authorities have no power to stop it, the information is changed and interpreted. This is why people start to worry about a problem that is not as severe as it looks. It is true, the h1n1 virus known as the swine flu was a powerful virus, but it was not as severe as people believed. This is called a pandemic disease, meaning a disease spreads more by rumors.

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What is the difference between the seasonal flu, the swine and the avian flu and a pandemic disease?

Usually, the flu viruses are spread from the humans to animals and from animals to humans. While it is transmitted, the strain of the virus suffers mutations and modifications. This is why h1n1 could be harmless for the respective animals, but deadly from some people. In fact, the swine flu had a characteristic that was not present for any other virus: while for some people, it was manifested as a simple cold, for other people, it caused death.

The most common flu is the seasonal one, caused by simple viruses that are spread by humans to other humans. This kind of disease has nothing to do with the h1n1 or the swine flu virus. The immunity of people can be grown with vaccines.

The Avian flu was one of the most discussed diseases in the history of humankind, especially because it appeared at the beginning of the 21st century, at the same time as the social networks. This flu was also based on an h1n1 strain, just like the swine flu. Unlike the swine flu that was transmitted from all kinds of animals to humans, not only from pigs, the avian virus was only transmitted from birds. Even if the avian flu was more dangerous than the swine flu, the fast response of the authorities managed to isolate the respective strains effectively.

Mixing the strains of h1n1 from humans, birds and other animals could result in a new virus that is immune to the majority of vaccines.

A pandemic virus can be defined as a new kind of flu that spreads easily. When this virus appears, people have no natural immunity, and as we are talking about a new virus, the authorities need some time before releasing a vaccine, and all kinds of rumors appear during this time. As a result, there is a chance for this new virus like the swine flu to be easily spread amongst humans.

 What foods are infested with the virus?

One of the certain facts about the h1n1 swine flu, or any other virus with a pandemic component is the fact that it is safe to eat meat and pork, as the h1n1 virus is not transmitted through food. If they are prepared correctly, even if there are some strains of swine flu in the respective meat, the virus will be destroyed by boiling and frying.

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oftentimes animals are born with diseases

Unfortunately, as the history proved, once in a while, a new strain of h1n1 appears, and even if it is called swine flu, avian flu or in any other way, we must be ready and protected.

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