Swine Flu Vaccination

“Get the H1N1 Vaccination Today, If You Want to Stay Safe”

Early vaccination is the key to swine flu prevention

There are many viruses present out there and you need to keep yourself safe from many of those, since they can be deadly and life threatening. Most of the recently discovered diseases are very dangerous and have come about as a result of years and years of mutation within the viruses. A recent discovery is the H1N1 swine flu virus discovered in the month of April 2009. Ever since then, many people have been cured from this life threatening disease seen in many people. So what is the swine flu virus? This virus is made up of three different bacteria; the human influenza, the avian and swine. These bacteria come together to form the deadly H1N1 virus. This disease usually spreads through direct contact with pigs and since this virus is very contagious it spreads from one person to another with great ease. Another thing that makes this virus even more deadly is that it shows the exact same symptoms as a common cold so there are great chances of mistreatment and misdiagnosis by the doctors.
Every possible virus and disease has a vaccination these days to prevent people for getting those diseases; hence it is only sensible that there is a vaccination for the H1N1 virus too. There are two forms of vaccinations present in the market so you can choose the one that seems to be the most appropriate one for you. Shots are given to the patients which contains dead bacteria of the same virus. If not this, then an extremely weakened form of live bacteria is injected to make the anti bodies aware of this disease so that the body can fight against it easily. Vaccinations are the most effective form of preventive measures. However, if you get yourself vaccinated this doesn’t mean that you do not need to take other preventive measures. If you encounter a patient with the swine flu disease, make sure that you cover your face with a mask and refrain from any sort of physical contact with the patient. This can help you escape from suffering from this disease. You also need to take special care of your hygiene if the area you are living in has brought about several cases of the swine flu disease. Follow these preventive measures and you will be able to keep yourself safe from this deadly disease.
Coming on to the causes of the H1N1 virus; it is mostly caused through direct contact with a pig that has this disease or a human being suffering from this disease. The bacteria and the virus travels through air and contaminates it and also infuses into the body through physical touch, making this disease pandemic very quickly, as it happened in the year 2009 when this disease was discovered. What happens is that when a patient suffering from the same disease coughs or sneezes, bacteria goes into the air and when this air is breathed in by a healthy human being, that person also gets affected by the swine flu. The H1N1 virus is shows to show exact same symptoms as the common cold which usually confuses the doctor at the time of diagnosing this disease. The most common symptoms include coughing, fever, sneezing, body aches, headaches, sweating, chills and feeling tired all the time. If the swine flu virus isn’t treated on time, it can bring upon dire consequences for the patient, which can lead to a fatal death if not attended to immediately. Swine flu can lead to the development of respiratory problems and pneumonia in several cases especially in diabetics and asthmatics. If a patient near you has started experiencing constant vomiting, dizziness, confusion and abdominal pain it is suggested that you take the patient to the hospital immediately, as it could be life threatening.
There are many laboratory tests available that can be conducted to diagnose this particular disease, and the swine flu cannot be treated unless laboratory tests aren’t conducted. Moreover, if the patient has already been medicated by giving antibiotics chances are that the tests will show a false negative. The most common form of medicines given to the patients suffering from the H1N1 virus is, anti viral medicines. They are most effective at killing the swine flu virus, and are usually accompanied by a pain killer to rid the patient of the headaches and the body aches experienced due to high fever. Whatever the condition may be, even it seems to be a common cold, be sure to take the patient to a doctor.