Controversial H1N1 vaccine

H1N1 Controversy – “the vaccine”

Why all this fuss over the swine flu vaccine?

swine flu vaccine

h1n1 vaccine

The h1n1 virus that is known better as the swine flu created many controversies in the whole world. This kind of fuzz made about a virus gave its pandemic aspect. Schools were closed, people started to wear protective masks, and many people even stopped traveling. The h1n1 flooded any page of the newspaper and the internet blogs. From the social section to the tourism, science and of course, health columns of every newspaper, the swine flu made rivers of ink to flow.

 Why this virus does have a name with a pandemic characteristic?

One of the most controversial aspects about the h1n1 was the name of swine flu chosen popularly for this virus. The CDC forbade the name of swine flu, stating its pandemic aspect. The popular name given to the h1n1 affected the industry of swine growing. It seems like the swine flu has nothing to do with pigs, and the virus can also be caught from other animals. However, the pandemic aspect of this virus was already created, therefore it was too late. People used the name swine flu for this virus, and there you have it, a pandemic hysteria all around the globe.

 The h1n1 vaccine

The most important controversy about the swine flu was the vaccine and its side effects, and even the efficiency of the vaccine against the virus. It seems like the vaccine has several side effects, especially on children, being considered as a potential autism reason. The European governments hurried to buy the h1n1 vaccine from the recommended producers, but after a few weeks, the swine flu vaccines imports were suddenly stopped. It is, of course, the pandemic reaction of people. Newspapers and televisions were outraged by the lack of reaction of those governments to this virus, and as soon as some manufacturers claimed that they have the h1n1 vaccine, they started to import it. Moreover, all the companies that claimed they have the swine flu vaccine refused to take the responsibility for the possible side effects of this vaccine.

 The impact of the virus in media, or how to create a pandemic hysteria from nothing

swine flu vaccination

patient getting a swine flu vaccination

Media from all over the world and the internet are filled with debates, polemics and analyses of the side effects of the h1n1 vaccine, about the negative effects, but also about the suspect deceases of people that had taken the swine flu vaccine. From those “news” to a general panic about the virus, to a pandemic behavior and debates about a worldwide plan to reduce the population of the globe was only a small step.

 Myths and reality: is the h1n1 safe and effective?

It seems like the first sets of vaccines against the swine flu could provoke the Guilian-Barre syndrome, a rare brain dysfunction. On the other hand, the companies producing the vaccine claimed that they had no time to test the vaccines properly, pressured by the governments of hundreds of countries at the same time. According to FDA, the vaccine contains trymerosal, which has mercury in a percentage of about 40 %. It is true that those companies were pressured from all sides to find a vaccine against this virus fast, but really, treating any kind of h1n1 problem with mercury is a bad idea.

 Autism as the effect of the swine flu vaccine

The vaccine against the h1N1 virus is based on other vaccines created earlier in the modern history of the world, with the occasion of other pandemic diseases. During the 90’s, the rate of children suffering from autism grew with 1000 %, and it was no clear explanation for this fact. It was later discovered that the mercury present in those vaccines provoked this condition. However, doing the same mistake after 20 years doesn’t look like a mistake, and people sustaining the Conspiracy Theory for the apparition of h1n1 really have a strong argument there.

 Squalene as a swine flu vaccine component

swine flu shot

swine flu shot

One of the most controversial substances of the vaccines made to protect people against the swine flu virus is squalene, a substance that is commonly used for other kinds of vaccines designed for global immunization. Squalene is a molecule that can be found in the whole nervous system and in the brain. If it is injected in the organism, the molecule is destroyed by antibodies. The problem is that those antibodies will not only destroy this substance, but also all the resembling molecules in the body. The substance is considered so dangerous that several organizations ask for it to be forbidden, and the lack of reaction of authorities to this problem is at least suspicious.

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