H1N1 Quarantine

When Quarantine is necessary to prevent an outbreak

h1n1 quarentine

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The h1n1 disease, also known as the swine flu is not a danger today in the majority of countries, but as the recent history showed, a new virus with the same pandemic characteristics might appear anytime. In this case, the quarantine methods applied for the h1n1 might be useful for another swine flu or for another virus with the same characteristics.

The pandemic characteristic is given by our modern world, where communication is the main rule of governing the world. As soon as h1n1 is signaled in an obscure African village, people from all over the world would rush to the drugstore to buy all the possible medicines. Even in the case of the swine flu, after a few weeks of confusing information and rumors, it was discovered that the actual virus is not so severe, but the complications and mutations of this pandemic virus might be deadly in some cases. The truth is that h1n1 kills less people than cancer, and the only reason for the swine flu hysteria is the rapidity it spreads with, and the fact that this pandemic virus has some unknown characteristics for the large public.

Here are the quarantine measurements recommended by the health national institutions in the case of h1n1

Recognize the swine flu

If you want to treat yourself and your family against this virus, you must first identify it. The incipient phases of this pandemic problem include respiratory problems, fever and asthenia. In some cases, throat pains and nose secretion, as well as headaches and digestive problems might appear.

When should you contact the doctor for h1n1?

If the fever persists more than 3 days, it is time to call the medic at your home. In any case, try not to leave the house if you suspect you have swine flu, and try to remain isolated from the rest of the family. The virus can suffer mutations instantly, and this pandemic virus could have no effects for you, but it could be deadly from your child. Staying in an isolated room and avoiding any direct contact with the rest of the family members might be a good idea to avoid further complications.

What are the recommended medicines in case of h1n1?

The average person would begin by treating the fever and other symptoms of the swine flu with the classical aspirin and ibuprofen. However, those medicines could harm you a lot, as the virus has the capacity not only to resist to those pills, but also to create immunity to them. This means that in case you transmit this pandemic problem to people around you, they might have more difficulties to be cured.

What can you do if the symptoms of h1n1 persist?

The swine flu might be ineffective to treatments. Don’t neglect your state of health! In case you don’t fight with the virus, you can be sure that it will only be aggravated. This pandemic condition could easily develop pulmonary diseases, therefore calling the doctor at your home is mandatory.

What are the phases of h1n1?

The swine flu, as well as any other virus with a pandemic component is contagious. If you want to avoid contamination of people around you, it is important to known that the incubation period of the virus lasts for about 5 days since the installment. Generally, the flu lasts for about 5-8 days, depending on the treatment and the precautions.

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Do you need to war a mask to protect yourself against h1n1?

Wearing a mask as a protective method against the swine flu is mandatory if you take care of a person that is infected with the virus, or if you are using public transportation. The mask should be worn as long as the pandemic period lasts, and you should make sure that it covers the mouth and the nose all the time. As soon as you arrive home, you must throw it away and you should wash your hands carefully. Throw away the mask after each usage!

What can you do to avoid h1n1 from spreading?

If you are not feeling well, you have fever and throat pains, you might be susceptible of the swine flu, therefore you must apply a few simple cautions to avoid your family members from being infected with this pandemic virus.

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Wash your hands all the time, with soap or other special solutions that are able to remove potential h1n1 germs, such as a hydro alcoholic solution for a minute or more. Avoid crowded areas and when you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose. This way, you will prevent the swine flu from being spread to people around you.

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