Epidemic vs Pandemic

Epidemic vs Pandemic

Going from bad to worse

Swine flu or H1N1 virus has actually affected millions of life in the past century. Every now and then we do hear a news of swine flu being spread around in a certain geographical area resulting in the loss of the lives of many. even though the media is playing a vital role in helping spread awareness regarding the issue but for most of us the terminologies that are used to discuss are issue are mostly unfamiliar. In order to save yourself from the confusion you might have regarding the phenomenon you must have a better understanding about the subject.

Talking about the first term which happens to epidemic you can get an idea of what it actually is by understanding its occurrence. the exceeding of infection substantially of the new infection cases in an expected area of population is called an epidemic. This type of viral can be specified to effect a certain hub or the entire city. to deal with the effects of epidemic virals there is a need of high levels of infection diagnosis units. In case of a pandemic a new disease when it is transmitted globally is known to belong to the specific class. Take an example of the recent swine flu which comes across as a pandemic virus.

when we usually hear of the terms epidemic and pandemic we tend to assume the worst of scenarios, however, it is very important for you to understand that these terms actually gave an understanding about the transmission of the certain infection and the numbers. In no way to the terms identify or refer the severity of the disease. Epidemic and pandemic can actually vary in terms of their effects on different people; it is possible to experience a very mild pandemic disease while the other individual at the same time may tend to experience far worse effects. So basically the infection and its effects vary from person to person. Now that you have an idea about epidemic and pandemic infection you might want to question the basic risks of the virus.

Another very commonly used term related to epidemic and pandemic has to be endemic. When an infection or a disease is spread in a specific area of population is said to be Endemic provided that the the amount of infection is kept constant. Taking an example of the chicken pox infection spread in UK each year which is passed on from person to person, but the only thing kept constant is the number of affected masses. more or less the number is the same or quite close. This means that chicken pox belongs to the endemic class since the infected masses are mostly same each year.

To make the concept of epidemic and pandemic more clear to you, you may have an understanding about the difference between the two from different aspects. We do know for a known fact that epidemic and pandemic basically refer to proliferation of the deadly contagious virus among the masses, but in case of pandemic a much more vast area of population is infected ranging from a specific region or the entire population globally.

Epidemic infection normally tends to occur when a certain type of illness persuades an unexpected number of populations. Giving a sound example of flu which tends to get prevalent in a certain locality or even a city which an epidemic disease. Larger impact disease like swine flu tends to travel to different countries and then continents and this globally spreading infection is pandemic.

A very significant factor that also leads to the difference between epidemic and pandemic virus is the concentration level of the infection. For instance if a disease of a certain kind has spread in the entire area but intensity level of the infection can be pronounced then it clearly becomes epidemic. However, one the concentration level is high enough it is considered to be pandemic virus. And the epidemic will eventually turn out to be a pandemic when the spreading of the infection goes literally out of the hands and tends to get totally out of control.

Being able to differentiate the epidemic and pandemic disease leads to the preparation for the precautionary measure for both. It is good to have sound awareness regarding the subject so that you are able to deal with it in the best possible way. We are experiencing both epidemic and pandemic virus infection globally and to have an understanding about it can lead to better survival opportunities.