Flu Pandemics

Why are flu pandemics so devastating

Tracking flu pandemics throughout history

A pandemic is when the infection occurs over a large geographical area and it affects most of the population. In 2009 we had one from the H1N1 virus and swine flu. It was very devastating to the world. When the people started getting this infection it spread very quickly to all over.
Much of the world heard about the swine flu pandemic that occurred in 2009.  However, many people did not know about the other reported occurrences of the pandemic.  There were some really bad ones that many of us did not even remember or know of.  Here are some of them.
1918- H1N1-Spanish flu
1957-58-Asian flu-H2N2
1968-69- Hong Kong flu-H3N2
The one that occurred in 1918 was the worst that the world has seen thus far.  There were more than five hindered thousand people in the US that were killed.  Twenty to fifty million people worldwide were killed.  The Asian flu caused about seventy thousand deaths in the US.  This strain has not been seen in humans since 1968 so it is sad to say but there is no person under the age of thirty that is immune to this strain of virus. Almost thirty thousand people were killed in the US due to the swine flu pandemic in Hong Kong. The H3N2 strain still circulates today.
It is amazing how many different strains of the swine flu virus that there are. Here are some that have been recorded throughout the years.
This is not even half of the appearances of new strains that have been recorded.  In the 1997 the H1N1 virus was first reported in Northern China. This was similar to one that was found in 1957. The people that were born before this time were immune. However, the children and young adults that were born after were not immune to this strain.
The appearance of the H5N1 in 1997 was the result of birds passing it to humans. In 1999 the H9N2 was reported after two kids in Hong Kong got the illness. It was said that the source was poultry. In 2002 after a poultry outbreak an infection was found in a person in Virginia.
The 2003 there were several reports of new flu appearances. There was the H5N1, it killed one in China. The H7N7, eighty-nine people from the Netherlands were infected. The H7N2 was the cause for a person to be hospitalized in New York.  A child in Hong Kong became ill with the H9N2.
With the ever changing strains of this infection it is very hard to know what is going to come next. For the most part the different strains of this infection have not had a pandemic since the 2009 cases.  For the people that had to go through this it was awful. Through the years the evidence has shown that the factors that we thought caused the H1N1 and swine flu were only myths. Myths can harm us sometimes because we are getting false information. Knowing the actually causes will help us to prevent it later.
We now know that it is passed from person to person. This is done through coughing and sneezing. It can also be contracted by touching hard surfaces where the virus and germs are located. This is why it is important to be sure that we are protecting ourselves. Here are some ways that we can do this.
The best way to do this is to make sure that if you are eating pork that it is properly cooked. If the pork is cooked fully then you will not contract the infection. We also need to be sure that we are washing and sanitizing our hands when we cough or sneeze and after touching surfaces that could hold germs.
Since the H1N1 virus can be passed through the air we need to be very careful when we cough or sneeze. As long as we take the preventive measures to reduce our chances of contracting this then we should be fine.  Everyone needs to know how to do this correctly. This will helps us to prevent large outbreaks of the infection from occurring.
There are many places that you can get information on how to be safe and reduce your chances of contracting the swine flu. Make sure that you are receiving the correct information so that you will be educated correctly. If everyone educates themselves as well as using the proper hygiene procedures then we can hopefully prevent another pandemic from occurring. This is something that nobody needs to go through ever again.