H1N1 Pandemic

“Escape the Outbreak of the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic”

The Swine Flu Pandemic

In the year 2009 a new kind of virus was discovered and given the name H1N1 virus, more popularly known as the swine flu virus. It became a pandemic due to the fact that it couldn’t be controlled. It showed extremely similar symptoms such as your common cold or influenza but was far more deadly than them. Such a tricky virus, which spread so quickly through human contact and the air, killed numerous people. Hence, it is most important, that the readers know about this deadly virus and can refrain from become victims of this disease. For these purposes, this article will provide all the information you require regarding the H1N1 virus, so as to provide you with effective guidelines on how to never become a victim of such a disease. The H1N1 swine flu virus is a combination of three different viruses; the influenza, swine and avian. It can be easily picked up after direct contact with a pig suffering from the same disease or through human contact as well. Since it shows symptoms the same as your common cold, it is impossible for doctors to diagnose it without conducting laboratory tests.
How does the swine flu spread? It is very simple; if you are in contact with a victim suffering from the same disease you have a 100% chance of getting it as well. How, you may ask? When the victim sneezes or coughs, particles of the virus contaminate the air and when another person breathes in that air, get the virus too. However, what you must know is that the level at which a person is contagious depends on his or her immune system greatly. A person with a fairly strong immune system can be contagious for up to seven days, while one with a weaker immune system is contagious for up to ten days. You never know, how contagious a victim is, hence it is of extreme importance that you take every possible preventive measure against the swine flu. There is also a misconception regarding the H1N1 virus that is that you can get this disease if you eat pork. This is rather a wrong phenomenon as pork products such as bacon are usually cooked and heated at high temperatures due to which the virus is eliminated from it.
Coming on to the most common symptoms of the H1N1 swine flu virus, a person suffering from this disease will show symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, headaches, body chills and sweating. This disease is extremely tricky to diagnose since the above mentioned symptoms are the same as for a common cold or influenza attack. If the swine flu isn’t diagnosed on time, it can create grave complications especially in diabetics and asthmatics. The swine flu can lead to the development of pneumonia which can lead to severe respiratory failure. You must know that the swine flu virus can prove to be deadly and can kill you if it is not treated on time. If the patient suffering from this disease starts showing symptoms such a shortness of breath, abdominal pain, constant vomiting and confusion you should rush him or her immediately to the hospital since their lives may be in grave danger.
Coming on to the tests which can help diagnose this pandemic. One should be aware of the fact that there are various similarities between the common cold and H1N1 virus, due to which is becomes ultimately impossible for doctors to diagnose this disease without the help of laboratory tests. Moreover, if the patient has been undertaking antibiotics course, the tests are bound to show a false negative. Due to these conditions, diagnosing swine flu can be a major problem. When a doctor has to conduct tests on the patients for this disease, the doctor uses extracts samples from the throat and nose. Coming on to the treatments for the swine flu, doctors usually advise anti viral medicines to the patients along with a pain killer to rid the patient from the pains as a result of fever. One should know that antibiotics do not work well in the case of this particular virus and almost aggravates it. However, as most people say that prevention is better than cure, it is always better to keep yourself safe from such a pandemic. The easiest way is to get vaccinations present in the market. Also you should try to avoid any contact with a swine flu patient and keep utmost care of your hygiene.