Pandemic Definition

What does pandemic mean?

When does an epidemic become a pandemic?

Pandemic Definition

Pandemic Definition

When an infectious kind of disease tends to break out globally over a vast geographic area is known to be Pandemic. Talking especially about the Pandemic Flu you should know that pandemic flu is basically a global form of epidemic which breaks out as influenza.

Over the last century there have been quite a lot of breakouts of pandemics, with the continuous media coverage, common people are also quite aware of the likelihood it may cause.

Pandemics can be severe, rare and of several types. One of the very dangerous pandemic Flu is known to be the Spanish Flu, the effect of this one was massive and resulted in the death of over 50 millions. Pandemic being a global phenomenon seems to have its history all over the world, The Asian pandemic flu was as huge and caused the death of over 70,000’s. It not like the strain has ended the virus is continuing to affect the lives of millions even today.

Researcher has managed to find out that the usual interval between the pandemic virus is about 20 to 40 years which definitely means that the strain of virus flu is quite likely to happen. We have watched the pandemic H1N1 swine influenza virus spreading every now and then in the last decade globally.  Therefore there is a definite need for us to understand what pandemic strain flu virus is all about. Most importantly the awareness for the precautionary possibilities is the utmost priority.

Pandemic swine flu which is also referred as H1N1 virus is basically a disease that affects the respiratory system and spread with great progress. However, it is also true that the severity of the disease may vary from person to person, to some the effects can be life threatening while others may experience milder effects.

Pandemic swine flu has symptoms quite similar to the seasonal flu, and this has been researched by medical experts. some of the very prominent symptoms may include feeling feverish, diarrhea, muscle pain, cough, intense fatigue and nausea. The symptoms of this virus are highly contagious and mainly spread through sneezing and coughing. The similar symptoms may make is hard for you to detect the effect of pandemic swine flu since there is hardly any difference, however the severity can also cause vomiting.

Swine flus is definitely the pandemic that is spreading all over the world, over the decades it has managed to affect the rich, poor, healthy and ill. You must understand that pandemic is actually a potent combination of several genetic elements. The virus then comes together as life threatening.

Each day a different case of pandemic H1N1 is reported, there has been a rise in the deaths of people globally as a result of pandemic Flu. It’s high time and all countries have ordered an precautionary alert and have stated Pandemic swine flu as a very significant life threat.

Pandemic Definition

Pandemic Definition

In order to take precautionary measures against pandemic of any sort, be it influenza, Swine or H1N1 FDA has developed a strategic plan which is actually prepared in coordination with the President’s National strategy For pandemic outbreaks. Under these powers the FDA has managed to come up with a plan which targets to decrease the very harmful effects of pandemic outbreak. To have a better understanding about the strategic plan by FDA i may tell you that this plan is actually shaped in accordance with local, federal and government levels in order to assure the preparation of domestic vaccine to accommodate almost the entire U.S population. FDA will take care of the effectiveness of the vaccine and will make sure the affected population as a whole is provided with adequate protective immunity. The plan also emphasis on enhancing the diagnostic unit so that the disease detection is effective and a much accurate detection is done since there are a lot of similarities between the symptoms of seasonal and pandemic influenza. Also the plan will help provide proper guideline to both the pre pandemic and post pandemic cases.

The disease has not yet become epidemic but it is affecting millions of lives in vast areas everyday. Once the disease is spread in the area you are residing it is almost impossible to save yourself from the virus to affect you. You must be prepared to deal with the viral with possible precautionary measure, remember to secure for yourself several respirator in case of emergency. The best is to have awareness and be prepared for worst possible scenarios.

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