Proper Decontamination for flus: Necessary to Prevent Spread of Virus

Whether you are an ordinary citizen concerned about the safety of your family or the head of a corporation or a factory, it is only natural for you to feel terror stricken with the recent calamities that have gripped mankind, the avian flu and the swine flu. Of all the pandemics that have afflicted human beings in the last century or so, bird flu and swine flu remain at the top of the list as they have terrorized people so much that they stopped eating chickens and pork. Thousands of birds and pigs had to be slaughtered for fears of spreading these two subtypes of influenza viruses.


It was indeed not a pleasant sight to find people walking on the streets wearing masks for fear of catching the dreaded H1N1 virus. The same was the case a decade ago when avian flu had become a pandemic and people remained in the grip of a fear psychosis lest they catch bird flu and suffer from its symptoms. Though swine flu is past pandemic stage, people remain terror stricken and are using the services of decontamination agencies to ensure their premises are free from the presence of even a trace of these two viruses so that their assets, employees and their family members are free from the risk of catching these two diseases.


Get a professional decontamination service

If you are running a day care center, a crutch service, hospital, church, or an office where you are responsible for the safety of others, it makes sense to get the premises decontaminated from time to time to ensure people coming to these premises remain healthy and do not catch either of these two pandemics. The health hazards posed by bird flu, swine flu, H1N1, and other subtypes of influenza virus are too well known to take a risk in this regard and the outbreak of pandemics means that those having weakened immune systems are especially at a risk to catch these ailments.


Avian flu and swine flu have struck fear in the minds of people

While it was swine flu that became a pandemic in 2009, avian flu had shown the kind of terror it had created in the minds of the people way back in 1999 when the first reported case of bird flu came to limelight in Hong Kong in a 59 year old woman. Mexico was the first country where swine flu was reported and it soon crossed borders to enter US and then the rest of America. This was possible because this was a new strain of influenza virus and people had not developed immunity against it. People have still not forgotten the flu pandemics of 1918, 1957, and 1968 when millions of people lost their lives.


The swine flu that caused influenza like symptoms in pigs in many parts of the world rarely causes problems for human beings and the sporadic incidents that have been reported are of people working in close proximity of pigs like those working on farms. However, the same strain of virus got mutated and developed the ability to afflict human beings. This mutated virus spread from one person to another and was labeled H1N1 2009 to differentiate it from the swine flu virus.


While there was no vaccine to safeguard against swine flu virus during 2009 and 2010 when it was a pandemic, scientists have finally developed a shot for seasonal flu that provides protection against H1N1 also. All pregnant women are advised to take a shot of this vaccine as they are perceived to be at a high risk to variations of influenza flu. This means that all women, irrespective of their stage of pregnancy should consult their gynecologist and have a shot of this vaccine to prevent from the suffering and pain of the symptoms of the virus.



There is a risk of complication for those having low immunity or those who are already suffering from some medical conditions. Thos suffering from chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease etc are groups of people who need to pay special attention if they feel they have caught H1N1 virus.


The fact that symptoms of H1N1 are similar to common flu makes it difficult for people to get swine flu diagnosed and treated accordingly. Though there is a shot available to prevent the onset of swine flu, there are several steps like washing hands frequently and covering your nose with a hanky to make sure that there is no chance of spread of virus to reduce the chances of the virus.