Biological Warfare

The war of the germs

Can H1N1 become a biological weapon?

The h1n1 virus, also known as the swine flu is a virus that created a pandemic hysteria around the world. Unlike other viruses and diseases that were known to the world for millenniums, maybe the most important new characteristic of this virus is the Conspiracy Theory created around it. While some people claim that h1n1 is just another virus created by Mother Nature to punish us for the way we treat Her, some other voices say that the swine flu is actually an experiment escaped from laboratories, while others say that this virus was designed to reduce the worldwide number of people, either way, the virus created a pandemic current that attracts millions of people in endless discussions.

The history of h1n1

The history of extracting genetic materials from the victims of the swine flu had begun in 1918, when some unscrupulous researchers managed to extract the virus from dead people. It is still unknown if those viruses were extracted from people diseased with H1N1 or from people deceased as a result of the Spanish Flu, another pandemic disease that will remain in the history of the world.

After one unsuccessful attempt made by the American researchers to extract the h1n1 from the genetic material of a person deceased because of the swine flu, the researchers abandoned this project, at least at for the public. It is believed that the researchers continued to study this virus, as a preparation of USA for the next generation of wars, based on pandemic diseases and biological weapons. Otherwise, it can’t be explained how the researchers managed to release a public study about h1n1 in 1997, a study that contained all the important details about the swine flu. Other researchers that were not involved in this project stated that such a complete study about this virus is not possible without years of study, and from there, the newspapers and blogs started to fuel the Theory of Conspiracy about the pandemic diseases developed by the American Government.
Is the h1n1 based on the Spanish Flu virus?
Although the large public can’t possibly determine if the swine flu is actually a mutation of the Spanish Flu virus, the symptoms and the weird behavior of this pandemic disease might offer some good clues in this direction. Some secret studies “escaped” the USA laboratories during the latest 50 years, studies showing that the USA government is looking for possible h1n1 roots and signs all over the world. Some of those studies were closely analyzed by independent researchers. Although the information can’t be confirmed, it seems like the swine flu is in fact a mutation virus created artificially in a laboratory on the bases of the pandemic Spanish Flu virus.
Why is the h1n1 considered as a potential biological weapon?
The H1N1 contains genetic materials from swine flu, human flu and the avian flu. Recent studies showed that the virus is practically harmless for animals, but it suffers a significant mutation for human. This is why it is considered a pandemic disease, and some researchers say that this huge difference between the effects of h1n1 in humans and animals can only be given by a mutation created in the laboratory.
Why is the swine flu more dangerous mow than it was in the past?
Because of the increased mobility of people compared with the same mobility at the beginning of the century, the virus now has better and faster methods to spread. It is normal for any pandemic virus appeared even in the most obscure part of the world to be spread instantly across the globe in a few months, and it is believed that governments that have these biological weapons at their disposal already developed some scenarios and possible ways for the virus to be sent only where it is needed.

Other worrying aspects about h1n1

Unlike other viruses that affected humankind, the swine flu is a virus that suffers mutations as long as it is active. In other words, even if a vaccine is discovered for this pandemic problem, the disease might spread to other people in another form, making the respective vaccines ineffective. This is also the reason why independent researchers believe that this virus is not naturally created, and that those worrying components of the virus were created in a laboratory.
Unfortunately, we can’t really say if h1n1 is the beginning of a biological warfare. With the limited resources of the independent laboratories to study the swine flu and with the interest of the governments to hide the true origin of this virus, we can only hope for this pandemic hysteria to be over, and to find out the truth finally.

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